A happier, more sustainable future

We’re helping to build a better world for future generations, one block at a time.

Our shared mission

It’s our responsibility to make the world a brighter and better place for our children. Because kids should be free to concentrate on what they love - play. That’s why our toys are made from responsibly-sourced wood, with as little plastic as possible. They’ve also been engineered so they can be completely disassembled into their individual materials, which makes recycling all the parts really easy. Not that we expect that to happen for a long time yet!

At QUBS, we are completely devoted to:

Using sustainable materials (like beech wood)
Long-lasting toys that reduce waste
No data collection, just play
100% recyclable packaging

Timeless toys made to last

QUBS toys don’t rely on WiFi, bluetooth or apps, and the tech inside will never date. You’ll never need a software update or a new phone to keep them working, so children can learn and play with QUBS from generation to generation. Totally future-proofed fun.

Committed to a sustainable future

We have big plans to make QUBS even more sustainable. We aim to make toys in every continent around the world, working locally to offset our transport emissions. Our children deserve a brighter future, and that all starts with us.

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